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For the purest sound from your headphones, the Arcam rHead delivers a Class-A performance.

Highest quality Class-A sound

Expensive and difficult to design to a high standard, the Arcam rHead uses a true linear, Class-A amplifier design. Like the best Class-A design, it gives the rHead a wonderfully pure sound that's free from harshness. Using multiple, ultra-low noise power supplies and a directly couple signal path, the rHead also boasts astonishingly low levels of distortion and background noise, meaning that every subtle nuance of music can clearly be heard.

Drives all headphones
With its strong current output, the rHead effortlessly drives even the toughest headphones, making the most of their full dynamic range. With both 3.5mm and 6.35mm outputs, sound-degrading convertor sockets are unnecessary.

Precision volume control
Derived from the £4000 flagship A49 amp, the volume control uses a resistive ladder device for the most precise and accurate volume on both left and right channels.

Comprehensive protection system
To protect the rHead and your headphones, a comprehensive protection system is fitted. Unlike cruder protection systems, the rHead's system doesn't in anyway interfere with the sound quality.

Balanced inputs
You can connect the rHead up to your source by standard RCA phonos or professional grade, balanced XLR inputs. XLR inputs offer the highest grade of analogue sound connectivity.

Treat your prized headphones to the match they deserve, treat them to the Arcam rHead.
Analogue RCA Inputs
1 RCA and 1 XLR
Dimensions WxDxH
194 x 135 x 44
Weight (KG)