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Refined to perfection, the Technics SL1200 MK7 continues to set the standard for others to follow.

Seventh generation legend

From the disco era to today’s super-clubs, the Technics SL1200 (and similar SL1210) has been and still is the heart of most professional DJs’ gigs. World renowned for its robust build quality, reliability and precise and stable sound, the SL1200 is a living legend. Now in MK7 form, it’s as capable as ever and great value for the engineering involved.

High torque, direct drive
Using Technics’ famous and expensively engineered direct drive system, the SL1200 MK7 delivers class-leading torque for super-stable pitch and rapid start/stop action. When you need to precisely control your mixing, this is still the standard setter.

Improved, coreless motor
Based on technology from the reference G and GR models, the MK7 uses an all new motor design with coreless tech. This results in the elimination of ‘cogging’ which can afflict other direct drive decks. Cogging is an instability in the running speed, which gives inconsistent pitch. With the SL1200MK7, you get the same rock-solid pitch stability that’s always been a hallmark of these Technics decks.

Vibration resistant
SL1200 turntables have always been robustly built, and the MK7 is no different. Although it’s not quite as solid as the more expensive GR model, it still beats its similarly priced rivals. The rigid, die-cast aluminium chassis features hybrid, anti-resonance cladding and isolation feet. These not only help keep the deck solidly in place but also absorb vibrations, preventing stylus skip and sound distortion.

Fine tune adjustments
Lift the platter and there’s a range of user adjustments. From a bank of micro switches you can select 78rpm, reverse play and even adjust start-up torque and brake speed – getting this deck to perform exactly how you want it to.

Increased pitch control
A new 'x2' button lets you double the range of the pitch control from +/- 8% to +/-16%. This extra range makes it even more flexible as a mixing tool and even handier in the studio than ever.

Classic tonearm
The MK7’s tonearm is a classic S-shape design that tracks precisely and is easy to handle. It also offers a wide range of adjustments, including VTA (Vertical Tracking Angle), weight and bias, making it ideal for a huge range of different cartridges and even different thicknesses of slipmat. The detachable headshell makes swapping cartridges a quick and simple process.

Connect your own cables
Rather than using static cables like SL-1200s of the past, the SL-1200 MK7 features RCA phono terminals. These let you choose your own length and quality of cable that's worthy of a deck of this standard.

Matte black style and new strobe lighting
Finished in matte black throughout, the MK7 has stealth style. The strobe colour is adjustable between red and blue. There’s also a pop-up stylus light with bright LED for accurate queuing in dark lighting.

A living legend that’s still a class-leader, the Technics SL1200MK7 is the go-to deck for vinyl mixing.
Pitch Control
Belt Drive/Direct Drive
Direct Drive
33 / 45 / 78
Energy Consumption
Power Consumption - Normal Use (W)
Dimensions WxHxD (mm)
453 x 169 x 353
Weight (KG)